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    building a box, where to fire the subs?

    I decided that the box i have is bigger then i would like it to be, so i am going to build one, about 2.0 cf. i have 2 infinitys kappa 12's dvcs. i am powering them with a hifonics brutus 1500d. I would like to build the box so the subs are firing upwards towards the deck of the car. now if i do this should i fire them stright up, or should i position them so they are firing towards a ceratin corner or spot in the trunk? i have seen some installs where the subs fire stright up, and some where the subs are angled so they are firing towards a corner. what is the differnce in sound going to be? any other sugestions?

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    Do you ahve a hatchback, or a regular trunk? If hatchback, firing upwards or toward the back window would be your best bet. If it's a regular hatchback, the best sound will come from either firing straight back toward the rear of the car, or straight into the cabin if the rear seats fold down. Firing up through the rear deck is not as efficient as firing straight back or straight forward.
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    thnx cv, its going into a toyota solora it has a regular trunk, not a hatch back.

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    I agree with CV. If it has a regular trunk definately fire straight back.

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