whats up

yes, im consdiering being a cheapa@@, so lets get that outta the way. actually the real reason i am considering to keep my stock subaru impreza 95 sedan headunit is cause i like big buttons, knobs and i like the stealth factor (granted i lose a lot in clarity...).

okay to the questions:

where do i plug the remote on lead wire to my stock unit? i dont have a power antenna.
as for the speeaker level inputs not on my amp, ill prob just have to get the line output converter.

also, for system questions: i have a crossfire vr600d, would you think a 12 dual voice coil Image dyamics or 15" ID or comparable sub be best? or 2 4ohm ID's or comparable.
im not trying to spend more than 300 dollars for this because, well i dont have more to spend...;-)

thanks a lot