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    A couple more.

    Ying Yang Twins Featuring Trick Daddy - Whats Happnin!
    Khmer Kid - Smoke Weed

    Personally I like the bass on some of Linkin Park's newer songs. "Faint", "Numb", and "Lying From You".

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    Wink crazy bass songz

    Quote Originally Posted by BassKrazy808
    anybody know any good rap songs that throw out some killer bass?
    ummm ive been lookin for some songs iwht crazy bass...and ive only come across two that are insane. One is renee, by the lost boyz, also known as ghetto luv i think.. um i dunno the name of the other but im lookin for deep bass songs. Some other songs that i found that r chill r..
    your wife, dr dre
    growing pains, ludacris ( old but good)
    hard knock life, jay z ( sick bass)
    ring the alarm, nate dogg
    lyrical 44, method man
    kill you, eminem
    aint no sunshine, dmx ( crazy bass)
    blaze it up, twista....anything my twista has good bass
    training day ( in my hood), roscoe
    good life , natedogg ( awesome....)
    thats bout it for now

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    bass songs

    found more deep bass song
    s Nate dogg - your woman has just been sighted

    Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (hits very hard)
    Anthrax and public enemy - Bring The Noise

    for RnB luuurve serng:
    fat joe - whats love

    Ja rule - clap back
    - Race Against Time
    - Down 4 u

    kid Rock - balls in your mouth
    - Welcome to the party
    (cvstroker got me those)
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    Website devoted to bass:
    (website link removed due to lack of hits)

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    Uncle Kracker - Steaks & Shrimp is the only one I can remember with good bass.

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    Nice collection of songs.

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