So I am going to start a new project car. Something where I can fully customize. I already have 3 amps from my previous cars. A 5 channel, a 2 channel and a mono block that does about 1200 watts.

My last system in my Toyota T100 truck. I don't know if you all remember but I had 3 amps. One in the dash for the tweeters, 2 in the back where the old rear speakers were. It was a extended cab truck. Everything was completely hidden except the subwoofer. And a Audio Control active crossover and a Audio Control equalizer under each seat. Also a 7" LCD TV that popped out in the dash and a DVD Player head unit. This was like 8 years ago before everything got all fancy. For a subwoofer I had a Brahma 15". Adire Audio Extremis 6.5" speakers in a customer fiberglass pod. I don't recall what tweeters I was using but I had an active crossover. It was bliss. I have a RTA mic and software to map out frequency response. From there I tweaked the EQ to be as flat as possible. Cars are horrible places to get good sound because of all the reflections off the glass. Sad part is the truck got in an accident and was totaled about 5 years ago. I pulled the sub and left everything else and got reimbursed by the insurance company. I have been driving an older LS400 and haven't really messed with the stereo in the car since it is all integrated with the climate control etc.

Now I have an older Toyota Corolla as a project car. I still have the LS400 as well. My goal is to make it look as stock as possible. I don't want to dump a ton of money into the car either. Stock front speakers are 4" speakers. I found this mounting bracket that can fit 5.25" speakers.

Thinking about going CDT 5.25" speakers. I don't think I want components since I can't easily hide the separate tweeter.

For the rear I don't really know what to do yet. They are 6.5" speakers. Might just rip them out, or replace them with some decent coaxial for rear fill or stick 2 8s in a IB setup. I have 4 of them laying around in my garage. Not sure yet need to spend time looking at my options.

For a Sub I got 8 Flux Audio Labs Bang B-10-4. They love tiny boxes. They take about 250 watts each and will go into a .5 cubic foot box. Thinking about 2 or 4 of those. I don't need too much bass so maybe just 2. I also have a Adire Audio Tempest 15" that is sitting in my garage. If I did that I would go sealed box since ported box would be the whole trunk. I used to keep the Adire Audio Tempest in a 2 cubic foot box and I loved the sound of it. Sadly the box is gone now and the current box won't fit in the back of the car.

For the HU I am looking at the following 3. I am looking for something that has active crossover and minimum 9 channel Equalizer. I loved having a Equalizer and having it built into the HU would be great. One less thing to mount in the trunk.

My preference is Pioneer then Sony then Alpine. The only sad part is Pioneer doesn't support HD Radio but I don't think I would care since I am going to install Satellite Radio in the car.

So I am looking for sound deadening material. Second Skin is supposedly the best but it isn't cheap. FatMat is cheap not sure how well it works. Anything else out there that works well?

It will be 3-4 months before the project is complete. I will start buying parts for it in the next few weeks but work keeps me super busy so it will be a while before I finish the project.