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    Okay... Almost but not quite...

    Hi gang,

    Okay, so most of the work is done; however, there are still some issues I would like to resolve in the next day or two. Of major concern at the moment is the mounting hole; we'll need to do some slight sanding in some places to get it just right. Call it ESP, but I think the subwoofer is fetched up in the mounting hole in some places. We'll do some subtle sanding to even things out. The last thing I need is to encounter an air leak once we have this powered.

    Minor work aside, the project is, for the most part, done. I took some images with the subwoofer installed in the enclosure. Lugging around this subwoofer is like lugging around a sixth grader just to give you some idea of how heavy it is. Practical spatially, most likely not, but it's better to look at than Proni's Pet Carrier, LOL!
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