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    Question headunit question

    hi, you guys probably don't remember me, but i recognize some of your names (CT, FordX, EasyE, etc). I was the guy who had a MAJOR flea problem 2 summers ago. anyway, i'm back because my car got broken into and they stole my headunit, subwoofer, and amp. I think it was CT who recommended my amp - US Acoustics 4085 or something like that, and EasyE who recommended my Image Dynamics 10 subwoofer. I had a Kenwood Z727 headunit.
    I really got into this stuff when I was here last, and did all my homework before installing everything. Right now I have no time to do any research because of school and everything, and I just wanted to see what you guys recommended. Can't afford nice stuff, I was just looking for a cheap MP3 headunit less than or in the vicinity of $150. Like this one:
    I wouldn't mind paying less though. I will not be replacing my amp, so does anyone have any suggestions on some late models that have a high RMS? is there even much of a difference between 22W RMS and 25W RMS? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    by the way, what happened to this site? i was just going to browse through some archives to decide, but it seems there are none.
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    I think that HU looks pretty sharp. I don't see a spec for pre-out voltage, but I'm sure it's decent. Unfortunately, you won't be getting 22-25WRMS out of that deck (any deck for that matter). 10-15WRMS is probably what you can expect. As for price, you can find it for cheaper on ebay no doubt.

    The forums changed format about a month ago. You can find the archives of the old forums on the right side of the page under "Forum Links", click on "Old CarReview Forums". ;)

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