hey, i got a 97 thunderbird lx 3.8l and want to add more power to it. so far all ive done is replaced the current air filter with a k&n. i plan on switching it to a K&N injection performance kit, which as far as i know just replaces the filter box with the k&n cone filter. in the future i also plan on getting a flowmaster catback exhaust system and getting a supercharger (supercharger wont be for a few years). ive also been told that new spark plugs and spark plug wires will give me a little more power (denso iridium plugs, and bosche platinum wires were suggested to me). im also considering getting a jet performance chip, but heard those can cause some big problems down the rode, is this true? also id appreciate any ideas for other ways to get more horsepower, preferably cheap ones. thx