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    Question Eclipse or Polk speakers?

    I would like to replace the stock speakers on my 2005 Honda Odyssey. I have the navigation and XM so I don't want to replace the HU.

    There are 2 tiny dash speakers (just might leave those alone for now), 2 speakers (6.5) in the front doors, and 2 speakers (6.5) on the rear sides. We also have the "upgraded" Honda sub under the front passenger seat.

    Hubby installed a pair of Eclipse SE8363's in the front and I am not too sure about the sound they are offering. Alot of highs, but not much else. Does anyone know if these are speakers that would do best if powered by an amp rather than the stock unit? I wanted to do some research about these speakers before we added the other pair and I am disappointed that there really isn't much info online.

    We have Polks in our home system and really like the sound of them, but I know that car speakers are a different animal. Can anyone offer any info that can help us with our speaker choices?

    BTW, we don't plan on adding any amps or additional subs at this time.

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    you may have a upgraded sound system. a factory sound system that is powered with a amp. some systems need to be completly replaced. if your hubby hooked up new speakers to it, you may not have good sound because of a differnce in ohms or other factors....

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