• 07-25-2013, 21:23
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    Okay... Almost but not quite...
    Hi gang,

    Okay, so most of the work is done; however, there are still some issues I would like to resolve in the next day or two. Of major concern at the moment is the mounting hole; we'll need to do some slight sanding in some places to get it just right. Call it ESP, but I think the subwoofer is fetched up in the mounting hole in some places. We'll do some subtle sanding to even things out. The last thing I need is to encounter an air leak once we have this powered.

    Minor work aside, the project is, for the most part, done. I took some images with the subwoofer installed in the enclosure. Lugging around this subwoofer is like lugging around a sixth grader just to give you some idea of how heavy it is. Practical spatially, most likely not, but it's better to look at than Proni's Pet Carrier, LOL!:)
  • 07-27-2013, 01:12
    Parametric Equalizers Demystified
    Hi Gang,

    I thought I would briefly discuss one other topic in this thread.

    It seems many people have difficulties with Parametric Equalizers these days, so I would like to help. First, you have the center frequency. This is the frequency most attenuated (or intensified) by the equalizer. Envision if you will a curve; perhaps in an aesthetic context it looks bell shaped. More technically, it is a symmetrical interval of a sinusoidal curve with the center frequency being the maximum or minimum of the curve. Second, you have the boost/cut (gain) that regulates the amplitude (height) of the curve. Empirically, this regulates the sound intensity of the center frequency and its neighboring frequency band. Third, you have bandwidth or Q. This is the one that usually trips beginners up, but patience is a virtue. Bandwidth is quite literally the frequency difference (high minus low) affected by the equalizer and relegated by the sinusoidal curve with its center being, of course, the center frequency. Stated more concisely, bandwidth is a range (band) of frequencies equidistant about the center frequency the PEQ attenuates or intensifies. Usually it goes from a narrow curve, a couple intermediate curves, to a wide curve. However, some manufacturers' like applying Q, which I think is designated as Quality Factor in the context of circuits. Q is defined as the ratio of center frequency to bandwidth. Hence, an inverse relationship. If Q is small, bandwidth is wide. If Q is big, bandwidth is narrow.

    Allow me to paraphrase renowned Eclipse of Fujitsu Ten:

    "In an automobile, frequency bands that are most affected by road noise and inherent upholstery absorption issues are the midrange frequency bands. As stated, surrounding upholstery may absorb some of the oscillations from midrange transducers, thus attenuating their output to some degree. Due to the popularity of amplified subwoofers and the hardness of treble, the midrange bands warrant the most consideration of attenuation or intensification."

    --Eclipse of Fujitsu Ten

    Tweaking a PEQ is an inherently subjective process, but engineers have taken some of the guesswork out of it with Automatic Equalization generated by microphones or Apps on modern Smartphones. The latter is often desirable for the optimum frequency response curve that is inherent of a certain vehicles cabin, while the former is desirable for the enthusiast that enjoys adjusting the PEQ to their unique taste. So there you have it; the Basics of adjusting a Parametric Equalizer. Remember, this stuff isn't exclusive to Mad Scientists, but this can be fathomed by someone open minded and patient. I hope this digression on a different topic helped.:)
  • 07-28-2013, 19:10
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    Get 'er Done!
    Okay guys, we're finished. This post should accommodate 5 images. I'll upload more in subsequent post(s).


  • 07-28-2013, 19:13
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    Hi Gang,

    Here's some more images.


  • 07-28-2013, 19:29
    Hi Gang,

    Well, I can't wait to fire this beast up. I'll give it some warm ups with my usual fair of music; Linkin Park, Korn, and Rammstein. Hahaha, a 28 year old still listens to that stuff. What can I say, I'm about to embark on my senior year as a Civil Engineering student; I'm entitled to my insanity, LOL!

    Thanks for the interests guys, and please keep the Car Audio Forums at Carreview alive.

    Bye guys,

  • 08-10-2013, 15:03
    Guys, my sincerest apologies with these lengthy maintenance periods at CarREVIEW. Sorry. Normally, they don't last 10 days ... I am unclear as to why CarREVIEW is taking so long with this maintenance period.

    If you would like to see any images in particular, feel free to email me. You can access my email address by either clicking on my username or avatar.

    Bear in mind, when I am back at the university for my senior year, probably the most time I can devote to checking the forum is Friday afternoons and evenings. That's my R & R period at the end of the week.:)

    Have a good one Guys,

  • 09-22-2013, 12:53
    Gallery is inoperative too.. :(
    Hi guys,

    Yesterday, I tried uploading some images to the gallery, but that apparently is inoperative too because I could not upload the files successfully. Just click on my avatar to access my email address; I will be happy to forward some images to you.

    Any thoughts on anything? Any questions?:)
  • 09-27-2013, 17:04
    Well, I finally was able to have some free time to download the Mother of all bass testers; Late Night Tip by Three Six Mafia. I got to tell you ... listening to that after this install was one hell of an experience. The entire car was engulfed, yet for the most part, the bass is contained in the car. The 12W6v3-D4 and this install are a match made in heaven, I could not be happier.

    You see guys, I'm not such a fuddyduddy! Granted, most of the rap I used to listen to in my teens, I don't listen to anymore, but there will always be some I will enjoy listening to. For instance, nWa back in the 80's, made a controversial song about police, which I could immediately empathize with. You look at most small towns in the U.S., and the local police department is corrupt. In New Jersey, if the juvenile was the child of a Mason, or better yet a child of a parent on the Board of Education or P.T.A, just the usual slap on the wrist. Additionally, if the child's mother happened to be the Village Bicycle for the local officers and troopers, if the child was an honor student, a popular jock, or the local police scored dope off of the child's parents, then those kids would be left alone ... Anyway, I digress, LOL!:)

    From time to time, I do listen to some Snoop as well. IF ... there were music genres I cannot stand, it would invariably be Country and Western. Yes, KirK is not a h!ck.
  • 10-17-2013, 14:58
    Hi Kirk, I can't see any of your pics :(
  • 10-19-2013, 17:51
    This is a cause for celebration; my other 12W6v3-D4 just got a bid. Finally, I can put that money towards a new portable table saw for my father. The one he has now is some clearance Ace Hardware saw my mother persuaded him to buy while they were still married ... Yes, she is thrifty ...

    Maybe I can help him with buying a nice Craftsman saw sometime in November as an early Christmas present. Can't wait!:D

    Did you receive the images yet, Nas?
  • 12-19-2013, 05:01
    Nope, sorry :(
  • 07-09-2017, 11:14
    Guess I'm contradicting my final post, but Naser, FYI, it appears the images are now visible in this thread again.

    My bad with the Whatsapp; I've had tons of interviews already in 2017 and so I tend to get distracted.

    My FB is still active; you're more than welcome to activate your FB again and interact with me there in the mean time.
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  • 03-22-2018, 16:42

    Originally Posted by Thasuppeas View Post
    Hi, everyone there1 This thread is interested in me. I'd like to know more and be a member of this discussion. Thanks.

    I guess Kirk has already provided the step by step procedure.
  • 03-25-2018, 18:13
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    Originally Posted by gjhfgtr1 View Post

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    ^&%$ idl cjdc ndc awiieu ewl, , cioi uy kcwa dhbk dhkaw e !@#$%^&!!! :mad:
  • 03-26-2019, 20:19
    Hi Kirk, nice work on that. Any new additions to this project?